Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Student Quotes from Investment Education classes at City College of San Francisco

"I came into Mike's class having never once taken a real look at my portfolio. I was absolutely certain that the stock market was too complex for me to understand; an arcane and terrible mystery. After just two classes with Mike I had sufficient vocabulary and background knowledge to speak intelligently with an agent at my investment company. I now truly understand how to evaluate the relative merits of stock and bond funds. Mike's ability to de-mystify the intimidating world of investments is outstanding! I recommend this class highly to anyone who feels ignorant when facing the stock market, or when evaluating their portfolio. You really can learn this stuff"!

Winifred M.

"Mike's investment class was informative and easy to understand. I am usually intimidated with all things finance, but I walked away feeling empowered. The class is easy to follow, and all are encouraged to ask questions. Finally, Mike's Boston accent made the class even more fun every time he talked about the stock mAArket~  Thanks, Mike!"

Honni M.

'Before attending Mike's Investment Basics class, I knew nothing about investment. Mike is great at explaining investment terminology and creates a comfortable learning environment where questions are welcome and appreciated. After the class, I now have a good grasp of the basics and actually feel comfortable handling my own investments. I liked the class so much, I took his other course on how to pick stocks!' 

Christina K.

I learned a lot from your class and I am already finding the information very useful. See you in the next class! Thank you. 

Gaston Y.

Mike makes a seemingly tough subject accessible, interesting, and even fun. I came away with a good grasp of fundamental concepts and motivation to learn more. I've recommended the class to all my friends! 

Sally V.

I came to Mike's "Investment Basics for Everyone" class, as most 20-somethings, with limited financial knowledge. With Mike's lectures and handouts, I developed a clear understanding of what makes up today's money market and paths to investing your money. Mike invites the whole class to ask questions and I really appreciated his straightforward demeanor and clear answers. I have gained the confidence to make financial decisions that involve investment and I am looking forward to learning more. Thanks Mike! 

Alex D.

Mike's Investment Basics class was a must-take for me.  I started the course not even knowing what the GDP was and finished with a good understanding of how I should be diversifying my portfolio given my age and retirement goals.  The class sparked an interest for me to investigate investing outside of my employer's 401K and the take-along materials provided essential for me to follow-up on what I learned after the class was over.  I'll definitely be back for Mike's next class!

Shawna M.

I'm glad I took the "Investment Basics for Everyone" class. Although only two 2-hour sessions, Mike covered a lot of territory from Basic Economic Terms & Concepts to Mutual Funds & Cash Investments. Mike answered all my questions and shared his vast knowledge of the stock market. It was my first good investment!

J. Sem

I really enjoyed your class and hope to be able to attend your next session. 
I was happily surprised when I was listening to Good Morning America and they were talking about the United States Government's Bond rating and I actually understood what they were talking about!

Mary M.

Thanks so much for teaching the class and for the follow up e-mails. I've learned a lot in such a short period of time.
Your delivery of the material definitely made understanding investments easier as well as fun!
I look forward to attending your next class session in November! Thanks again!

Julian L.

Mike Walsh's class How to Pick Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds for your own Portfolio at CCSF was a great introduction to investments basics.  I hardly knew anything about investing before the class, but Mike did a great job adjusting his teaching to beginners like me while still engaging the advanced students.  He is very knowledgeable and explains confusing language and difficult investing concepts clearly.  He also gives you the materials for free!  Thanks Mike.

Nicolas M.

Mike Walsh's class at CCSF was a fantastic introduction to the world of investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Rather than offering advice an hunches on specific securities, Mike explained the basics of the different types of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, the risks and rewards associated with each one and how to lace in each person's individual portfolio.  Mike was able to explain all of this in a way that was easily digestible and not-at-all intimidating to a novice investor like myself.  Understanding of several basic rations and terms as well as the types of securities and all the different economic sectors put me in a much more informed and confident position to make wise investment decisions for both my short and long term economic future.

Dan D.

The class was very well organized, explanations were to the point, and I really enjoyed being encouraged to ask questions. Considering the short schedule, 4 hours, I learned far more than I expected and you were able to manage the time very efficiently. The summary of topics in the binder now serves as an enhancement to my trading, and as a blueprint for allocating my portfolio and evaluating associated risks a lot easier.

Peter T.

It was a really enjoyable and educational class. I went in with minimal knowledge of the financial and investment system, and the material was presented in an understandable and open way. My questions were answered in a clear and fundamental way, and I'm looking forward to the next class.

Brian H., Yankees Fan

"Finances and investing are both scary subjects to dabble in, and getting even a baseline education is daunting when viewing today's available school curriculum's. Mike dispels the myths and clears the path to an understanding of what it all means. I highly recommend everyone give themselves the gift of his classes. It helps you make sense of the senseless, and hopefully dollars down the road".

Mark S.

I liked the class a lot and it was perfect for me to start with as it is a completely new "language" to me. So I really appreciate learning all the basics.

Kristin K.

It was an enlightening class and I got a clearer picture. I also appreciated the "Investment Pyramid Technique". Your class was vibrant and informative.

Margarita B.

Thanks for a great class last month.  I really got a lot out of it and will increase my reading of "all things financial"!  It really does stop sounding so ridiculously foreign after a while.  It was a lot of information but thought you did a great job w/ the limited amount of time, as well as increasing my interest in learning more.

Ashley M.
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